From mobility to performance, gastric and digestive health, Nutriscience high performance horse supplements are specially formulated. Our supplements can help with joint mobility, ulcers, digestive health, muscle repair and conditioning and calming, and can help keep your horse in peak condition.
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At Nutriscience we care about dog health. We are driven by high standards to achieve excellence in our range of dog supplements to produce the absolute best for your pet. After all he is man’s best friend!

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At Nutriscience we understand cat care.  Cats have specific needs and tastes. Our range of cat food supplements and gels are specifically formulated for palatability and efficacy to ensure that your cat gets what it needs, and likes.

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Our greyhound range is based on years of scientific research and development. Used by leading trainers, our supplements can help your dogs achieve their full potential safely.

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senior aid

SeniorAid Ageing Supplement has been scientifically formulated by NutriScience to help retard your dog’s ageing process. It contains the essential daily nutrients plus supplemental nutrients that older dogs either have an increased requirement for or do not produce sufficiently for themselves. SeniorAid from NutriScience contains key ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to:

– Brain function

– Muscles & heart

– Immune system

– Joint mobility

– Kidney function

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