Lameness in Dogs

You notice that your dog is limping and you wonder what the reason could be. There are obviously a number of possibilities and a visit to your local vet will allow your pet to be properly examined and the cause of lameness to be diagnosed.

Causes of lameness

There are a number of reasons why lameness may occur. A recent injury, an old injury, or simply wear and tear as your dog goes about its daily routine. Just as human joints deteriorate over time, our pets’ joints can also lose their quality, resulting in reduced mobility and swelling, and sometimes lameness. A dog’s joints are simply where two bones meet. A joint is surrounded by cartilage and filled with joint fluid (synovial fluid). Both cartilage and fluid combine to give the joint its flexibility and shock absorbing qualities. The dog’s cartilage is continually being broken down during their day to day activities and replacement cartilage is being manufactured. However, an injury, or simply ageing, can upset this balance of cartilage loss and gain, and your dog may need assistance in regenerating new cartilage.

Treatment for lameness

Fortunately there are a number of natural occurring substances that, when formulated correctly, may create synergies to aid with the regeneration of replacement cartilage. These supplements are also used widely by humans, with a number of research and clinical studies on the benefits and effectiveness of the individual constituents.

• Glucosamine is a natural substance extracted from crayfish shell which can aid stimulate production of new cartilage
• Chondroitin is a major constituent of cartilage and other connective tissue. A key function of Chondroitin is to attract fluid into cartilage molecules, which is crucial to shock absorption and joint nourishment and lubrication
• Omega 3 fatty acids can help decrease the breakdown of cartilage, lubricate joints and assist animal mobility
• MSM is a natural sulphur compound and can help soothe tired joints and assist mobility
• Vitamins C & E are powerful antioxidants that can help remove potentially damaging oxidising agents in a living organism

ArthriAid™ Omega is a supplement specifically formulated to combine the above to supply the necessary building blocks that help the body’s own natural manufacture of cartilage. ArthriAid™ Omega takes a few days to build up in the body and results should start to be visible in as little as seven to ten days.

It is important to manage your pet’s weight if it suffers from joint degeneration. ArthriAid™ Omega can be given in conjunction with your pet’s feed, allowing your pet to get its supplementary requirements – even on a restricted diet.