Fireworks and Your Dog

KalmAId calming solution for dogsHalloween is a fun time for the family, especially the younger ones, but it can be a nightmare for our canine companions, big and small. While the sounds and lights of fireworks can create excitement for many humans, dogs, by nature, react adversely to loud noises.
Find out why, and what you can do to keep your pooch mellow…..

Your dog’s acute hearing greatly magnifies the explosive sound of a firework, which alerts his survival instinct to possible danger. This, combined with loss of orientation through stress, can trigger a flight response. In fact, more dogs go missing at this time of the year than at any other time. So all in all it seems that we should get out of the country until it’s over…

But maybe not – there’s a lot we can do to normalize the situation for our pooch.
Select a few pointers from our list – it could make all the difference:
– Calm your dog down well before the noise starts with a good walk at a brisk pace (you’ll both be the better for it!). This will tire her out and help prevent anxiety and nervousness. Keep a tight grip on the leash – there is evidence that people in costumes spook dogs.
– Missing dog stats peak at this time of the year. Fear and anxiety can result in a roaming dog losing orientation, and unable to find its way home. In addition to microchipping, every dog collar should be ID-tagged with the owner’s phone number. This will greatly increase the chances of a quick and happy reunion!
– Keep your dog indoors, and if you can at all, stay indoors with her. Close the windows and blinds, turn on the lights (to camouflage outside flashes) and turn on the TV or play some music (to cover the firework noises).
– A relaxed, calm owner will reassure the dog that there’s nothing to worry about.
– Maintain physical contact with you pet – a rub here and a stroke there will allay his fears.
– He might crawl into a corner or under the furniture. Small enclosed spaces are the preferred option for a scared pet. Let him come out at his own pace. Give him a treat to let him know it’s okay.
– An anxious dog won’t feed. Try to feed your dog before the fireworks start, and ensure she has plenty water. Anxiety can cause increased breathing rate (panting), which in turn increases thirst.
– Make sure your dog is secured before the trick-or-treaters come knocking. She’ll be out the door in a flash!
– Don’t assume your back garden is escape-proof. A frightened dog or puppy can go to extraordinary lengths to dig under fencing or scale a wall.
– Don’t scold your dog. Reassure her with your company, kindness and contact. She’ll love you forever!

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