Foaling Season

Spring is in the air, and foaling season is here again. The arrival of a new foal can be an exciting time. What will it look like? What shall we call it? What kind of personality will it have? The eleven-month equine pregnancy gives us plenty of time to prepare for the birth, eleven months that will pass very quickly, and it’s never too early to get cracking! So what can we expect?

Rider Profile: Shane Moloney

mackey It’s taken us all summer but we finally caught up with Shane Moloney. Shane is a hard man to keep up with, he never seems to be off a pony, either warming up or competing. A super cool competitor under pressure, no competition is ever a foregone conclusion until he has jumped! A quality he exhibited recently winning a very competitve 1.10M Nutriscience/Mackey Summer Tour Final in Ballyrafter, with a third place also just for good measure.

Winter Horse Care

Winter is approaching, and caring for your horse or pony at this time of the year can be a balancing act between over-protection and neglect. Follow these top ten tips to help with overwintering, and you’re horse will come through with a spring in his step!

Rider Profile: Hazel Harte

Mackey Equestrian & NutriScience - partners in equine nutritionThis week’s featured rider is Hazel Harte from the rebel county. It’s hard to believe what this young lady has achieved in a short time, through hard work and dedication. Hazel is one of those unique riders who possess the enviable ability to quietly convert totally ‘green’ ponies into winners at national level in a short time. A quietly-spoken individual who prefers to do her talking in the ring!!!

Sweet Itch

Sweet itch (pruritis) is a skin condition that occurs in horses, ponies and other equines. An allergic reaction to bites from Culicoides midges, sweet itch will make the affected animal’s skin inflamed and itchy, and can cause horses to bite, scratch or rub at their skin. Some helpful info….

Six Facts About the RDS Dublin Horse Show

The Dublin Horse Show is a huge national and international favourite among the showjumping fraternity, and is as much a part of summer as Wimbledon. Indeed the Dublin Horseshow can take the credit for popularising showjumping in Ireland, always attracting major interest even from the non-showjumping public. Normally held in August, it has been brought forward this year due to the Olympics. This year’s show will run for five days, from Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th July 2016 inclusive.
Here’s some interesting facts…

Help your horse to thrive with a probiotic

Not all bacteria are bad. Friendly bacteria in your horse’s hindgut (The Good Guys) assist in the fermentation of fibre and the synthesis of protein and a host of B vitamins. Millions of friendly bacteria die naturally and are lost from your horse’s digestive tract every day. Replenishing these friendly bacteria is vital to supporting your horse’s normal digestion and immune function, helping your horse maintain weight and condition, along with health and vitality. Live yeast is scientifically proven to maintain this healthy balance of friendly bacteria.

Gastric Ulcers in Horses

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Although clinical signs of gastric ulcers in horses are subtle, the condition is quite common with some estimates suggesting nearly 50% of foals, and one out of every three stabled horses, may suffer from the condition. In addition, it is estimated that between 90% – 100% of racehorses and up to 60% of show horses suffer from ulcers.

Equine Lameness – a new perspective

Results from the UK’s National Equine Health Survey 2015 (published in the May edition of The Veterinary Nurse) have yielded some interesting information on lameness. The survey, which is co-ordinated by Blue Cross and has been running for five years, is already making significant inroads into our understanding of horse health.