NutriScience Equine Range

From mobility to performance, gastric and digestive health, Nutriscience high performance horse supplements are specially formulated. Our supplements can help with joint mobility, ulcers, digestive health, muscle repair and conditioning and calming, and can help keep your horse in peak condition.
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  • ArthriAid™ Equine Mobility Supplement

    ArthriAid supplies the necessary building blocks to aid your horse’s own natural manufacture of cartilage

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  • AnxiKalm Compete Horse Calming Supplement

    A natural supplement to help calm excitable horses in stressful conditions

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  • Equine Gold Immune/Digestive Supplement

    Equine Gold helps friendly bacteria to thrive – so feeding Equine Gold helps your horse to thrive

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  • GastroCare Gastric Health Supplement for Horses

    GastroCare’s unique formula helps to relieve gastric pain and improve appetite

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  • Iron Boost Plus Conditioning Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

    Conditioning vitamin and mineral supplement for horses and ponies

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  • NutriBalm Cooling Gel

    NutriBalm from NutriScience – cooling gel for tired legs

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  • NutriLyte Horse Electrolyte Replacement Supplement

    NutriLyte replaces energy fast and can be used during, and immediately after, exercise.

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  • MuscleAid Horse Supplement

    MuscleAid is scientifically-formulated to help maximise equine performance

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  • MSM 100% Joint Mobility and Protection Supplement

    MSM 100% from NutriScience – For Joint Mobility & Protection

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  • Osteokine (PRP) Healing Supplement

    Available only to licensed veterinary practices – price available on request

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  • IRAP Plus ACS Syringe System

    Available only to licensed veterinary practices – price available on request

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