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ArthriAid™ Omega Dog Supplement

Dogs speak, but only to those who know how to listen



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arthriaid omega glucosamin and chondroitin joint supplement for dogs

Product Testimonials

"Athri Aid kept my previous Boarder Collie going until she was 17 and have been using it for my current Boarder Collie (who is 14) for the past year and fingers crossed that she keeps going for another at least another 3 years to match the age of the other Collie who I am convinced BENEFITED FROM THIS PRODUCT 100%. Not a cheap product but worth every penny." - Angie


"Our 6 year old border collie had a TPLO, ruptured her cruciate ligament.. recommended by our vet to use this as a long term treatment to keep her joints in good order. We've been using it for about a year... she's now back to her normal level of energy and seems to have no discomfort in her joints." - DHJA


"I would recommend this product my dog is able to walk with much more ease. he has taken it for the last 3 years with great results." - JB


"It really does help the pooch to free up her mobility. On her daily walks she runs very freely now. Great product." - PR


"I love this product or rather my dog does - he definitely walks more easily having had six months of this." - Steph


"Brilliant, done wonders for my dog." - Jenny


"Perfect for my dog." - JN

More Information

Additional Product Info

There is a joint supplement that has everything! ArthriAid™ Omega Dog Supplement supplies the necessary building blocks to help the body’s own natural manufacture of cartilage.

Many dogs need assistance with the regeneration of cartilage and reduced risk from further deterioration. ArthriAid™ can aid the body’s natural repair of joint damage. It can help build new cartilage naturally and aid increArthriAid-Omega-Range_1ased and maintained flexibility.

A joint is where two bones meet. It is surrounded by cartilage and filled with “joint fluid” (synovial fluid). Both cartilage and fluid combine to give the joint its flexibility and shock absorbing qualities. Over time, joints can lose some of their quality resulting in reduced movement and swelling. In the normal day to day life of a dog the joint cartilage is continually being broken down and replacement cartilage is being manufactured. However this balance can be upset due to trauma or simply old age.

ArthriAid™ Omega Dog Supplement is an effective solution to promote long-term joint health in dogs, young and not so young.

Your questions answered

How long should a dog stay on ArthriAid™ Omega?

Dogs should take ArthriAid™ Omega for a minimum of 1 month.  However, because joint changes usually develop and progress over time,
ArthriAid™ Omega should be continued long term.  It is possible to stop using ArthriAid™ Omega and then reintroduce as required.

How soon should an effect be seen?
ArthriAid™ Omega takes a few days to build up in the body so an effect should be seen with in 7 to 10 days.

Can ArthriAid™ Omega be given with other feeds or supplements?
Yes. ArthriAid Omega can be given in addition to any other supplements.

At what age does joint wear and tear occur?

Joint wear & tear can occur at any age depending on the cause. However, joint issues occur in many older small pets from the age of 5 years upwards.

Some pet foods already contain additives such as Glucosamine – Why do I need to give a supplement?
The amounts of Glucosamine contained in popular pet foods is not sufficient to be effective as they are only suitable for ongoing requirements. ArthriAid™ Omega is a specialist supplement to help with joints specifically.

The many symptoms of joint and mobility problems in dogs can include:

General joint stiffness

Stiffness in front legs

Stiffness in hind legs

Stiffness and immobility in older dogs


How ArthriAid™ Omega Dod Supplement helps joints:
ArthriAid™ Omega is a supplement that supplies the necessary building blocks to help the body’s own natural manufacture of cartilage.

Glucosamine is an amino sugar which stimulates production of new cartilage.

Chondroitin is a major structural component of the connective tissue in cartilage, tendons, ligaments and even bones. A major function of chondroitin is to attract fluid into cartilage molecules, which is essential to absorb shock, and to nourish and lubricate the joints.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Helps decrease the breakdown of cartilage. Helps lubricate joints and assists mobility.

A natural sulphur compound which helps soothe tired joints and aid mobility.

Vitamins C and E
Are powerful antioxidants.

ArthriAid™ Omega Liquid

ArthriAid™ Omega Soft Chews

ArthriAid™ Tablets: Ideal for travel, tablets can easily be crushed and mixed with regular food.

Tablets (Initial Administration):

Pet Weight Recommended dosage
Up to 5 kg ¼ tablet daily
5 – 7.5 kg ½ tablet daily
7.5 – 15 kg 1 tablet daily
15 – 22.5 kg 1½ tablets daily
22.5 – 30 kg 2 tablets daily
30 – 37.5 kg 2½ tablets daily
37.5 – 45 kg 3 tablets daily

After 14 – 21 days the daily intake can be reduced by half for maintenance

ArthriAid™ HA Powder

Powder (Initial Administration):

Pet Weight Recommended dosage
0.5kg (0-11lb) 2gm
5-10kg (11-22lb) 3gm
10-20kg (22-44lb) 4gm
20-40kg (44-88lb) 5gm
40kg + (80lb +) 6gm

After 14 – 21 days the daily intake can be reduced by half for maintenance

ArthriAid™ Omega Soft Chews

ArthriAid™ Tablets: Available in blister packs of 120 tablets.

ArthriAid™ HA Powder 400g

ArthriAid™ Omega Liquid
  • Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1ltr. sizes with a tasty caramel flavour.
  • 250ml and 500ml sizes are fitted with a pump-top which dispenses 2.5ml with every pump for easy measuring.