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BioCopper Chelate Copper Supplement

NutriScience's high-quality copper supplement for horses in a convenient 6 pack of oral dose syringes.


BioCopper Chelate Copper Supplement | Price: 45.00

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Biocopper Chelate Supplement for horses

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An adequate intake of the trace mineral copper is essential for cartilage formation and maturation in young growing horses.Biocopper-6-pack-250x300

Reduced copper intake is particularly prevalent in the Ireland and the UK, where soils have low copper levels, or in areas where soil has a high Molybdenum level.

To ensure the level of copper in the diet is between 20-50 mg/kg of total feed consumed BioCopper Chelate is recommended.

A once-weekly intake of BioCopper is sufficient to maintain adequate copper levels in horses and ponies and supplement natural storage of copper in the animals liver.

Symptoms of a horse or pony with copper defficiency include:

  • fading coat color
  • frizzy coat hair
  • anaemia
  • parasite issues
  • melanomas
  • thinning of the bones
  • swelling of the joints
  • blood vessel weakness
  • connective tissue weakness
  • sagging skin
  • weakened immune system. Copper is critical for the production of T cells. adequate copper levels are also important for bone integrity, heart health, skin pigmentation and to prevent premature graying.

Active Ingredients (per 12,5ml):

Chelated Copper 162.5mg (23% elemental copper) (Corresponds to 40mg of elemental copper)

Typical Analysis %:

Crude Carbohydrate       8.2%

Crude Fibre                     0.78%

Crude Ash                       3.2%

Moisture                          88%

Supplement weekly when at pasture.

Broodmares and yearling: 12.5ml weekly - Sufficient quantity for 14 weeks at recommended dosage

Weanling: 12.5ml every second week - Sufficient quantity for 28 weeks at recommended dosage

Horses in training:  12.5ml weekly - Sufficient quantity for 14 weeks at recommended dosage

BioCopper Chelate comes in six 30ml syringes