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Clinadry Eye Lubricant for Cats

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language



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clinadry eye lubricant for catds

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Benefits of using Clinadry
• Spreads evenly over the corneal surface
• Preservative-free tear replacement
• Reduced detrimental effects on the corneal epithelium
• Lower frequency of application
• Binds more closely to the corneal surface

At present most tear replacement products are carboxymethyl cellulose and poly vinyl alcohol based which are artificially produced, need to be given very frequently and are less than perfect substitutes for natural tears. Hyaluronic acid however, is generated using bacterial fermentation and as such retains the natural biological functions which allow it to bind more closely with the cell surfaces of the corneal surface. It is for this reason that hyaluronate eye drops have been shown to be superior to those containing carbomer molecules. They have a high residence time on the cornea allowing for less frequent application than other tear replacing formulations and also in human studies give less of a blurring action on vision, suggesting a closer appropriation to the corneal surface.

In vitro studies have shown that hyaluronate improves epithelial cell migration such as is required in corneal ulcer healing. Ultrastructural studies show fewer deleterious changes to epithelial cells of the corneal surface using sodium hyaluronic acid compared to other tear replacements, which is what one might expect given the greater protective effects of a molecule that stays more tightly bound to the ocular surface and has a longer half life in the fluid covering the ocular surface.

A significant problem with most topical ocular medications is the need to include preservative and stabilisers and in particular a compound known as benzalkonium chloride. This quaternary ammonium compound is basically a bacteriostatic detergent and thus it is not surprising that it has deleterious effects on the corneal surface and especially on migrating corneal epithelial cells.

Therefore from the perspective of lower frequency of application and lack of detrimental effects on the corneal epithelium, a tear replacement containing sodium hyaluronate in a preservative-free formulation offers an ideal tear replacement for the many animals affected by keratoconjunctivitis sicca.

Clinadry is indicated in cases of eye dryness sensation and other minor complaints of no pathological significance, as well as burning sensation and ocular fatigue induced, for example, by dust, smoke, dry heat, air conditioning.

Clinadry contains sodium hyaluronate in a preservative-free formulation.



Tear off one single use container from the strip and twist the top open. Place 1 or 2 drops of Clinadry into the conjunctival sac of the eye. Each container provides sufficient fluid for application to both eyes.

Dosage: One application per day.

When Clinadry is used as recommended, there are no known adverse effects or contra-indications.

Always wash hands thoroughly before applying the solution.

Clinadry comes in twenty 0.25ml single-use units, packed in 2 x 10 sachets.