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Farrier’s Choice Hoof Care and Protection Supplement

Scientifically designed by NutriScience to aid hoof care and protection


Farrier’s Choice Hoof Care and Protection Supplement | Price: 56.02

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Farriers Choice Hoof Care supplement

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Farrier’s Choice promotes hoof growth and improves the bonding and resilience of the hoof wall.

During dry weather a large proportion of horses develop hoof cracks. This is caused by the drying of the hoof wall and can lead to reduced flexibility and load-bearing difficulties during exercise.Farriers-Choice-Group-300x187

Synthetic work surfaces and roadways may also increase the stress on hoofs. Those on high grain diets have also shown the potential for brittle hoofs and sensitive feet.

How Farrier’s Choice Works
MSM is rich in sulphur and this aids hoof development and tensile strength in particular. Zinc oxide improves the hardness of the hoof and can be especially effective with foals following orthopaedic work. Biotin in turn improves the elasticity and quality of the hoof.

Expect to see the benefits of using Farrier’s Choice after six weeks as new hoof begins to grow.

Symptoms of bad hoof quality include:

  • Cracked and brittle hoofs
  • Sand cracks
  • Hoof softnessness
  • Poor hoof growth

Farrier’s Choice contains:


Zinc Chelate 25%




Ingredients (Per 20g):

Biotin                                                25mg

Calcium Carbonate                          7,500mg

MSM (Methyl Suphonyl Methane)   2,500mg

Zinc Chelate 25%                           452mg

Cysteine                                          2mg

Mix 20g per day with your horse's feed.

Farrier's Choice is available in 1.2kg packs (60 days) and 3kg packs (150 days).