NutriBalm Cooling Gel

NutriBalm from NutriScience – cooling gel for tired legs


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Nutribalm cooling gel

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NutriBalm-5kg-400g-280x300Horses legs can get hot and tired after a hard work out. NutriBalm Cooling Gel is a unique and superior alternative to traditional clay compression. Not only does it give the cooling effect of clay treatment, but it also helps reduce stiffness and sensitivity following intensive physical activity. NutriBalm Cooling Gel is easy to apply and to wash off afterwards.

How NutriBalm Cooling Gel Works

MSM (a key component in NutriBalm) has significant cooling properties and can be utilised in the formation of disfulide bonds in skin and connective tissue. The arnica in NutriBalm produces a naturally stimulating sensation.

NutriBalm Cooling Gel is recommended for:

Hot tired legs

Stiff and sensitive joints

Muscle strains and sprains

Insect bites

NutriBalm Cooling Gel contains:

Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM)

Arnica Montana

Calendula Plant Extract


NutriBalm Cooling Gel can be used routinely for:

hot tired legs


muscle strains

stiff and sensitive joints

insect bites


In the case of muscle strains, stiff and sensitive joints and insect bites it is recommended for use every three to four hours as required.

NutriBalm Cooling Gel can be diluted and used as a brace/wash and is suitable for sensitive skin as it contains no alcohol astringent.

NutriBalm Cooling Gel comes in 2kg pack