OmegaAid Skin & Coat Supplement for Cats

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OmegaAid Skin & Coat Supplement for Cats

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OmegaAid can help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat in cats.
Ideal for for pets with dull or poor coats, or ‘scratchy’ skin,OmegaAid-250ml-measuring-cap-127x300 (1)
OmegaAid contains essential fats (Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids) which are the fundamental building blocks of feline skin, fur, nails and hair.

Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids play an important role in the bodies anti-inflammatory process.

Your questions answered

How long should a cat stay on OmegaAid?
Cats should stay on OmegaAid for at least 1 month.

How soon should an improvement be seen?
As OmegaAid is continuously working to make improvements to the skin and coat it can take up to thirty days to notice new fur growth.

Can OmegaAid be given with other feeds or supplements?
Yes. OmegaAid can be given in addition to any other supplements.

How do I give OmegaAid to my cat?
OmegaAid can be poured over food as required. Use the handy measuring cup on the top of the bottle for ease of use.

How long does a bottle last?
If used continuously, OmegaAid 250ml will last 1 month for a 10kg animal. The product has a shelf life of 2 years.

Why doesn’t a cat get enough of these essential fatty acids in its diet?
Many diets, even prepared foods, are low in particular fats (Omega 3 fatty acids). By giving OmegaAid the balance of fats is corrected and the correct quality of fat will ensure a health skin and coat.

Some pet foods already contain additives of Omega oils – why do I need to give a supplement?
The amounts of Omega fatty acid additives contained in popular pet foods can be insufficient as they are only suitable for normal requirements. OmegaAid is a specialist supplement for specific skin and coat conditioning issues.

How does OmegaAid work ?
Essential Fatty Acids called Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids are major components of membranes such as skin, fur, nails and hair. The health of the skin and coat depends on the type and proportions of Fatty Acid available to them.

OmegaAid Skin & Coat Supplement is recommended for pets with dull or poor coats or ‘scratchy’ skin.

OmegaAid Skin & Coat Supplement contains:


Omega 3 (65% EPA+DHA)                                     1,000mg

Omega 6                                                                 2,000mg

(Evening Primrose Oil 180mg 9% GLA)

Vitamin A – Antioxidant                                          1,250iu

Vitamin D – Antioxidant                                          400iu

Vitamin E – Antioxidant                                          25iu

Biotin                                                                      2μg

Zinc                                                                        2mg

Using the dosage cap supplied, pour OmegaAid over the pet's food.

Recommended dosage:

Cat Weight Dosage
Up to 5 kg 2.5ml daily
5 – 10kg 5ml daily
10 – 20kg 7.5ml daily
20 – 30kg 10-15ml daily
Over 30kg 12.5ml daily


After 4 weeks, daily intake can be decreased by half.



OmegaAid Skin & Coat Supplement comes in 250ml & 500ml bottles of aniseed-flavoured liquid.