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  • TurboLyte Gel

    TurboLyte Gel – Replaces electrolytes and energy immediately after performance

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  • Greyhound NutriLyte

    NutriScience – leading the field for effective electrolyte replacement in greyhounds

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  • PerformAid Greyhound Performance Supplement

    PerformAid from NutriScience – supplies more dog power from start to finish

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  • MultiBoost Greyhound Performance Supplement

    MultiBoost Greyhound Performance Supplement is a high iron supplement containing L-Carnitine and a range of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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  • ArthriAid™ Equine Mobility Supplement

    ArthriAid supplies the necessary building blocks to aid your horse’s own natural manufacture of cartilage

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  • AnxiKalm Compete Horse Calming Supplement

    A natural supplement to help calm excitable horses in stressful conditions

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  • Ultra E Greyhound Muscle Supplement

    Ensures optimum muscle health and nutrition

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  • Creatine Plus Greyhound Performance Supplement

    Creatine Plus can help to increase speed and delay fatigue during intense training and competition.

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  • Equine Gold Immune/Digestive Supplement

    Equine Gold helps friendly bacteria to thrive – so feeding Equine Gold helps your horse to thrive

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  • Iron Boost Plus Conditioning Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

    Conditioning vitamin and mineral supplement for horses and ponies

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  • BioCopper Chelate Copper Supplement

    NutriScience's high-quality copper supplement for horses in a convenient 6 pack of oral dose syringes.

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  • NutriBalm Cooling Gel

    NutriBalm from NutriScience – cooling gel for tired legs

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